Perth Property Expected To Decline Further

Perth Property Expected To Decline Further

Perth Property investors are in for some troubled days ahead, as the ongoing fall in property prices is predicted to continue for some time. In December 2014, median house prices reached a high of $551,500. Since then it has been a steady decline. This gloom is expected to continue. An oversupply of properties is the […]

Merry xmas full size 2015

Thank you for your support in 2015

2015 has almost come to an end and looking back there is no doubt that the year started better for sellers and landlords than it ended. Tenants and property buyers can look forward to 2016 knowing that the Perth real estate market will continue to experience favourable conditions. However given that our WA economy is turbulent […]

Have you heard of the Bad Tenant List-

Have you heard of the Bad Tenant List?

As a landlord, have you ever come across a rogue tenant who has made your life a living hell or left your property in a mess? Unfortunately, these people do exist and now there is a way of checking out which tenants are naughty and which tenants are nice. In particular, thanks to the introduction […]

Why sell in the current market-

Why sell in the current market?

Yes, the good days are over. However, the reality is that properties are still selling and some inner city suburbs like Mount Lawley, Mount Hawthorn and North Perth are still performing well. Other Perth suburbs have fared much worse, such as Victoria Park, which had a massive 52% drop in sold properties for the same […]

Landlords In Perth Have Reason To Worry As Property Yields T

Landlords In Perth Have Reason To Worry As Property Yields Touch Record Lows

For landlords in Perth, a recent report from CoreLogic RP Data comes as a reason for concern. The report shows that rental yields have drastically reduced in as many as seven cities across Australia, including Perth. To increase the woes of the landlords, growth remains at record low levels. While rent has increased marginally in […]

What a smart tenant knows

What a smart tenant knows

As a landlord it is wise to understand (or have a property manager who understands) how a smart tenant thinks and reacts. A smart tenant who knows their rights and has the right tools available can take advantage of a private landlord or an inexperienced property manager who does not understand the Tenancy Act. Looking […]


How recent investment changes can impact your situation

Most Australian Lenders have already, or will be increasing their new and existing investment loan interest rates. The recent announcement by Westpac has already created a stir. If you have a mortgage, or are about to sign up for one, this new development is likely to have an impact on you. Chief Executive of the […]


Take away message for November 2015

As a buyer Now is a good time to go property shopping. The property market is not going to change anytime soon, so be patient. Consider properties that have been on the market for more than 6 weeks as sellers that have recently listed their property for sale are less likely to accept lower offers, […]

November 2015 Market update

Perth Market Update for November 2015

  It is almost summer and Christmas is just around the corner. There is still good activity in the Perth real estate market, but is expected to drop off a little as Santa arrives for the summer break. However, there will still be buyers looking to buy and sellers to sell during the festive season, which is why […]


How do you know if someone is having a stroke? Think… F.A.S.T.

So mum and dad arrived from Europe on Wednesday to see their grand kids (and probably us a little bit as well). On Thursday afternoon dad all of the sudden started talking like a drunk and his left side of the face dropped. Within a couple of minutes he was all normal again so we […]