5 Tips on home presentation when selling

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5 Tips on home presentation when selling

The presentation of your property is key when selling and its presentation can increase the price by thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, it may also increase the speed at which your property sells as it will be attractive to a larger range of buyers. If you are preparing to sell your properties, you need to stand out from the competition.

1) Prepare your home for prospective buyers.

In today’s market it is necessary to make sure your home has a high quality appearance. If it is vacant, consider to furnish the property with presentable furniture. For inspiration (or to see what not to do), go to other home opens in the area or visit display homes. Alternatively use a contractor with experience to do it for you, adding a professional touch to the house which could further increase its price. If possible provide a great first impression, a wow factor in the middle and finish off on a high note.

2) Analyze the competition!

Frequent local open houses to see what your competition is up to. By looking at what the competition has to offer, you can imitate them and add more to what they did for their open home, improving your own home’s experience for prospective buyers – this could make them feel more satisfied, thus making them more likely to buy your home.

3) Clean Presentation

Ensure that your property is freshly cleaned, with no signs of dirtiness – this would put off buyers, resulting in a slower sale and possibly a lower price for your sale.

4) Minor repairs

Deal with minor repairs and other unexpected problems before you go to market. Unless it is a property that needs a renovation anyway, buyers are not attracted to maintenance from day 1. It could also signal to them that there are other problems with the property.

5) Pets and real estate

If you own a home that has had pets living in it in the past, ensure that all signs of them are gone – this includes hairs and other smells, especially on furniture: though you may not notice these smells, prospective buyers will, and they will not be impressed – it shows that you have not paid due care to the cleanliness of the property, and this will alert potential buyers not to pay as high a price for the home.

Though styling your property for a sale is immensely important, it does not have to be an expensive affair: just look at it if you were a buyer. If you are in need of help regarding the advice in this article, consult a local real estate agent, or hire a professional interior designer for assistance.

However, readers should always endeavor to independently seek advice from other sources before selling any property so as to make more informed decisions about the sale.

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