Jaidyn Wood

Sales consultant

Jaidyn is proud to say, he is as local as they come. Being a 4th generation Vic Park boy, has afforded him the opportunity to watch this town grow into a destination hotspot as the population sores and small businesses thrive.
He attended Wesley College from 2008 to 2015, when he graduated. In 2011, Jaidyn joined the rowing team, and it was over these eight years between school and rowing where he was imparted with the core values of hard-work, honesty and integrity.

Jaidyn chose to pursue a career in Real Estate for two reasons. He has always had a keen eye for custom new homes, renovations and land development. He loves to look passed a property or home a see it for what it could be. Jaidyn is also in the market looking for his first house.
β€œI am currently a tenant saving hard to purchase my first home. My passion in this field has helped me understand the potential and the ability for growth in a community such as The Town of Victoria Park and it is my absolute goal to be able to buy around here.”

β€œThe Town of Victoria Park holds a special place in my heart and as the next generation of sales agents move through, I cannot wait to watch as well as contribute to and be a part of its growth. Watching people fall in love with a property as they walk through the front door of a home open on Saturday certainly makes my week. To see that smile only get bigger when they purchase their dream home makes all the hard work we do, worthwhile.”