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How to survive selling your home when you have young kids.

How to survive selling your home when you have young kids.

After years of living in a home, things start piling up. Even the most organised homeowners grow into their houses and begin filling in every little crack and crevice with everything from furniture, games, memorabilia, or children’s toys. While filling a home over time is a normal occurrence, especially when children come into the picture,…Read More→

The top 3 things you need to know before writing an offer

When you were getting ready to buy your first car, did you make an impulse decision at the dealership, or did you arrive equipped with research on makes and models and prepared with questions about vehicles that would best fit your lifestyle? Chances are, you did your homework in preparation for a big financial undertaking….Read More→

Property Clock houses Perth April 2017

Perth market update April 2017

When speaking to buyers and sellers alike the big question is: “when is the market going to pick up again?” There are early indicators that the market is starting to improve according to Corelogic (RP data). They predict in a recent article in the West that we have reached the button of the market and Perth…Read More→

How to take advantage of the current market conditions

Perth Market Update There is still plenty of activity in some parts of the Perth property market. Family homes in blue chip suburbs are still in demand and there are still first home buyers searching although they are now primarily emotionally motivated and less financially motivated. Top performing suburbs It would be no surprise to…Read More→

Characteristics of Buyers in the current market

First home Buyers First home Buyers are also taking their time to make a decision. When I speak with first home buyers on how long they have been looking for, the response is often 3-6 months and in some cases they have even changed their preferences as well. This could be in their choice of area, however,…Read More→

When is the best time to sell and beat your competition?

The reality is that your property will always be competing against other properties that are for sale in your area. The best way to get ahead and make your property stand out is to go to market at the right time before the competing properties. Usually Perth properties are listed for sale in January, however,…Read More→

What does Spring mean for the Perth property market?

Traditionally Spring is the time of the year when: The days are getting longer (and warmer) Footy finals are on Every man and his dog is listing their property for sale So how is this year any different? From what I can see and hear 3 things are going to take place. The weather will…Read More→