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Tenants are fleeing, Landlords are hurting. What to do

Tenants are fleeing, Landlords are hurting. What to do

With the staggering rise of rental vacancies hitting the Perth market, landlords are facing even more heartache with tenants skipping out and leaving them high and dry. Perth’s economic woes have impacted considerably on the average investor, with tenants fleeing leaving no forwarding contact details, extensive damages and high unpaid bills. Whilst they are losing…Read More→

What your agent won’t tell you.

– 5 Secrets to successfully selling your home. Are you serious about selling your home but unsure where to start? How valuable would it be to get the inside tips before hitting the market? Here are the 5 secrets that most real estate agents most likely won’t tell you directly. Clear the fridge and the…Read More→

The election is finally over… So what?

After what can best be described as a very long election campaign that was dragged out even further by the seemingly endless counting of votes we are hopefully able to get back to normality sooner rather than later. But what does that mean for the Perth real estate market and what can we expect? An…Read More→

Building Inspection clause. Knowing the difference could save you!

When purchasing a property buyers often make the offer subject to a structural building inspection. Understanding what the clause really means, can be the difference between faced to spend an additional $60,000-80,000 as illustrated below or paying nothing. More likely than not, the agent use the standard  “Australian Standard Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Condition” available to…Read More→

July 2016 Take Away Message

As a buyer Some buyers will be looking for the bottom of the market before they make a move. However, we only know that we have reached the bottom of the market, when the market has already turned again and by then, you will have missed the boat already. Therefore, if you are ready, now…Read More→

May 2016 Property Update

Perth Market Update May 2016

Some would argue that on Mothers Day (last Sunday) around fifteen million Australians or so were hypnotised by Mr. Turnbull when he called for an election as the country is expected to be going into a snooze during the election campaign. From a local real estate point of view, the fact that we have an…Read More→

Take Away Message May 2016

Take Away Message for May 2016

As a buyer Now is the time to go property shopping but it is important to do your research and be patient. Properties that have not sold in the first 6 weeks should be the focus as the seller is more likely to accept a lower offer. Properties with a medium length lease are also worth…Read More→