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How to successfully sell your home during a divorce

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How to successfully sell your home during a divorce

The level of stress may be impacted by the choice of the real estate agent and this is even more important when the situation is a delicate as a separation. Communication skills It is vital that the agent is able to keep both parties informed at all times especially  if they are not on speaking…Read More→

How bad customer service can affect your sale price

Recently I had the pleasant surprise of being the target of a mystery shopper at one of my home opens. After a few follow up calls he admitted that he wasn’t interested in the property he came to view. He told me about some of his previous negative encounters with other real estate agents and as a result he had decided to mystery…Read More→

Perth Property Expected To Decline Further

Perth Property investors are in for some troubled days ahead, as the ongoing fall in property prices is predicted to continue for some time. In December 2014, median house prices reached a high of $551,500. Since then it has been a steady decline. This gloom is expected to continue. An oversupply of properties is the…Read More→

How recent investment changes can impact your situation

Most Australian Lenders have already, or will be increasing their new and existing investment loan interest rates. The recent announcement by Westpac has already created a stir. If you have a mortgage, or are about to sign up for one, this new development is likely to have an impact on you. Chief Executive of the…Read More→

How to style your property and get top dollar when selling

It is well known that first impressions count in both our personal and professional endeavours, and your home or investment property is no exception. It is therefore unsurprising that a first impression on potential buyers can be a crucial factor in your success at sale. Quite simply, your property has to appeal alluringly to its…Read More→

5 Tips to become an astute buyer

Sellers who have had their homes on the market for a long period of time are usually anxious to move on. Such sellers will often choose to let their listings expire and try again later. These sellers are more likely to be willing to negotiate and sell for a lower price. When ready to purchase,…Read More→

How a tenant can obstruct a sale of your investment

As an investor, there often comes a time when it is better to sell a rental property rather than maintain it. Whether due to a change in personal circumstances, or wanting to invest elsewhere, getting the property sold promptly and for the best possible price is always the goal. If the property has tenants, money…Read More→

Bank lending is cooling off; what does this mean for you?

This is a must read if you: · Have an existing variable mortgage · Have an investment property · Are looking to sell your investment property; or · Are looking to buy an investment property. As a result of the current economic environment, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has decided to cool investor lending…Read More→

4 Things you need to know about pre-approved finance

Often when writing an offer, a buyer will inform the real estate agent that finance will not be a problem, or that they have “pre-approval”. This may be true, but it could indicate that the buyer is unsure of the amount they can actually borrow, and therefore offer, on the property. It is important to…Read More→