Easy ways to improve your kitchen

Easy ways to improve your kitchen

The chances are that in these cold winter months you are spending more time in your kitchen than you would in the summer months. Giving your kitchen a check-up and making some appropriate improvements can make a big difference regardless of whether you are looking to sell your home in the near future or staying where you are for now. Felicia Olsen from Felicia Lifestyle-Design shares her tips below on kitchen improvements and make overs.

1) What is the kitchen?

The kitchen is first and foremost a functional room. It is not only where you prepare meals, it is also a place to hang out, have conversations, store random paperwork and the class room for the kids. The question is how functional is your kitchen right now and what you could do to make it more functional. Start off with asking yourself these questions:

    • Do you have enough bench space?
    • Do you have enough storage?; or
    • Do you really need all those appliances on the bench?

2) Before you start.

Before you call Grand Designs Australia and ask them to come around and follow your master renovation, it is worthwhile getting some tips from the experts. You may have some friends who know a thing or two about style and kitchen functionality. However, you could also contact a professional interior designer for a consultation. They are not biased and it will be worth the money invested. For more information on interior design for your kitchen click here.

3) Renovating the kitchen.

    • Perhaps it is time to give the kitchen a makeover.
    • Does the kitchen look tired and worn down?
    • What condition is the floor and the skirtings in?

Will a replacement of a section solve the problem or are you looking at a bigger task of replacing the floor? The bench top may be worse for wear so consider an upgrade. Just as a worn and tired bench top can drag down the appearance of the entire kitchen, the bench top can also be the feature and if you are considering selling your home, a stylish bench top can make a huge difference.

The kitchen doors can easily be replaced with new ones that fit the rest of your style. Also consider a new splash back and if it is tiled, re-grouting is a must.

4) Colours – what to choose.

The colours set the scene – just like anywhere else in the house. If in doubt go for neutral colours that will stand the test of time, but if you have reached this point I can highly recommend getting professional advice before you go raiding Bunnings for every sample pot you can find.

As a rule of thumb, buyers take particular attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. Therefore, if you are looking at selling your home within the next 12 months or so – giving your kitchen a makeover is one of the best things you can do. Also, the sooner you start the better (the more time you get to enjoy it before you move out).

If you want to discuss any of these issues and how they can be used to benefit you, contact Felicia Olsen from Felicia Lifestyle-Design

Readers should always seek their own independent advice prior to making any decisions regarding property or finances.



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