How to successfully sell your home during a divorce

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How to successfully sell your home during a divorce

The level of stress may be impacted by the choice of the real estate agent and this is even more important when the situation is a delicate as a separation.

Communication skills

It is vital that the agent is able to keep both parties informed at all times especially  if they are not on speaking terms. Therefore, it is recommended to ask the agent for testimonials and past clients contact details to check the communication skills of the agent.

Negotiation skills

One reason to choose a real estate agent is that the agent is experienced in negotiating on your behalf. Though this may be in relation to getting the best possible price, it may also include the best possible terms and conditions to ensure a smooth transaction.

Disclosure of your situation

In WA the real estate agent has no obligation to disclose why a property is being sold. At home opens neighbours come through to have a look and they often ask why the property is being sold. Disclosing why the property is on the market will often make the buyer think that the seller is desperate to sell. Therefore the buyer is likely to offer a lower price. Be up front and open with your real estate agent why you are selling and agree on a strategy.


Your agent should have empathy for you and the ability to listen and understand your needs and your situation. At the same time the agent needs to stay objective and be honest about where you are at.

Once you have chosen your agent you need to consider how the property is presented.

As mentioned earlier, buyers often believe a desperate seller will accept a lower than market offer and disclosing  a separation should therefore be avoided at all times.


Presentation of home

Even if separation is not directly disclosed, the astute buyer will observe signs that the property is being sold because of a separation.

Separate bedrooms

If both parties are separating but staying under the same roof usually one party will move into another bedroom which a clue for the astute buyer. The bedrooms should be presented so this is not obvious. Also consider that some buyers will open wardrobes. If they discover that there is lots of space in the master bedroom but clothes hanging in the wardrobe of the 2nd bedroom they will assume something is not right.

Missing furniture

If the house is missing a significant amount of furniture an astute buyer will starting thinking something is not right. For instance there is no lounge set or TV but just empty space or there is no bed in the master bedroom (yet signs on the carpet that a bed was recently in the room). The solution is to style the property either completely or in parts so the buyer will not become suspicious.

Selling a property is not easy and given that it is usually your biggest asset it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It is therefore important that you are aware of the minefield you may be facing. You should engage an real estate agent who can safely guide you through that minefield