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Keep warm in winter without spending a fortune on heating.

Keep warm in winter without spending a fortune on heating.

Have you experienced that the cold mornings make your home freezing unless your heater is running all night?

Do you have to turn the heater on at night or find your Ugg boots or blankets to keep warm inside your home?

You could understand this is the case if you were living in an older home but even in near new homes this is very common in Perth.

The good news is that it does not have to be like that.

When looking for a new home it can be hard to know if a property is built to keep a constant temperature all year around, or if the temperature outside is reflected inside as well. This is also the case for properties built recently as they are often built using traditional methods and not taking into account the cost of living.

However, it is possible to have a quality home with luxury living, where the temperature is relatively constant and where maintenance is not required.

AVP Projects finished this quality built 3×2 home that ticks all the boxes in 2015. You will be seriously impressed by the attention to detail that makes this a great home and with a great energy efficiency rating to match (7.5), it really doesn’t get better than this.

With high ceilings, large rooms, lots of living space, quality stone bench tops in the kitchen, this home is truly amazing. Inside it is so quiet and peaceful that you won’t believe that you are near a busy road.

The secret is in the material used and the construction method applied. With all the walls and ceilings being fully insulated and with double glazed doors and windows the zoned reverse cycle ducted air conditioner is simply used to adjust the temperature from time to time, rather than every day which is going to be a huge saving for you and the environment.

This means that the cost of living is reduced as you don’t need to constantly heat up or cool down your home. If you are looking at building a home like this you will be pleasant surprised to know that the construction costs is very similar to a traditional home.

The great news is also that this could be your home. This property at 158A Oats St, Carlisle is currently up for sale at “From $548,888” and is open for inspection on Saturday 11 – 11.30

For more information please contact the selling agent, Rasmus Nielsen, Mavin Real Estate 0466 725 866 or email us below.

Contact Rasmus

Rasmus Nielsen is a Perth based real estate specialist. When not helping his clients buying and selling properties Rasmus is kept busy with his young family and occasionally can be found playing a game of golf (usually in the rough). For more info view his profile here


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