Managing your investment with Mavin


Why manage your investment with Mavin

Frustrated with your existing property manager or your tenant? At Mavin we keep it simple. We are efficient, professional and have a personalised service and simple fee structure, but above all, we keep you informed at all times.

The frustration that comes with managing an investment is removed when dealing with Mavin. We take care of all your needs – from finding the right tenant, ensuring rent is paid on time, to organising urgent repairs. Taking charge and helping you out is our priority.

Simple management fees and no letting fee.

At Mavin we keep it simple. That is why the management fees are a flat monthly rate. There is no extra charge for inspections, postage or placing a new tenant (letting fee).

Prioritising your needs.

If you’re an investment property owner, we will maintain an active interest in your property and the rental process. We can manage repairs and upgrades to your property at your request, find a good tenant, ensure rent is on time and the property is left in a good condition. Most importantly, Mavin Real Estate understands that your property is an investment. So to help you to get ahead, Mavin will go out of its way to help you attract the best tenants. This includes helping with the presentation of your property, looking after your existing tenants and using our superior marketing strategies when the time comes to find a new tenant.

Communicating with you every step of the way.

The secret to good property management is communication, communication and communication. No matter if you are the property owner or the tenant, you will be kept personally informed about what is happening at your property.

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