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Why Manage With Mavin

Frustrated with your existing property manager or your tenant? At Mavin we keep it simple. We are efficient, professional and have a personalized service and simple fee structure, but above all, we keep you informed at all times.

The frustration that comes with managing an investment is removed when dealing with Mavin. We take care of all your needs ā€“ from finding the right tenant, ensuring rent is paid on time, to organising urgent repairs. Taking charge and helping you out is our priority.


Request Rent Appraisal

Honest and accurate sales appraisal on your investment property.


Where Mavin Manages ?

Mavin Real Estate manages and sells properties across the Perth Metropolitan Area.

From Rockingham in the south, to Joondalup in the north. From the West Coast to Midland.


Mavin Landlord

Portal for landlords managed with Mavin Real Estate.


Iā€™m A Tenant

Tenant area for handy links to information and contacts.