Style and Flirt your property for sale

Style and Flirt your property for sale

When selling a property, one of the most important factors that you have full control over is the presentation.

Felicia Olsen from Felicia Lifestyle-Design shares her tips below on kitchen improvements and make overs.

When you are out on a first date, don’t you pay attention to your looks to impress and “flirt” with your date? Putting your home on the market deserves the same or even more attention to detail.

Your home has to appeal alluringly to its potential (date) owner. Surely you remember that it only took one look on a date and an impression was formed….

To attract your potential market, you firstly must establish your target market. The next step is to dress up to impress that ideal buyer.

Make sure that the garden and front door will capture your audience.
“First impressions last forever!”

Your home must present itself neatly and better still, have ‘wow’ written all over it. The pictures on the web will not lie. You need to flaunt your homes best attributes. For most of us, our home is our biggest asset, so spend the time and a little money to lift your home’s status to a “first date deal clincher” status.

Here are 12 tips to get you started:

  1. Tidy the garden and paint the front door. If necessary change the door handle to impress
  2. Tidy and put away all excess furniture and clutter (Store in the garage or relatives)
  3. If the paint work is looking tired, repaint and take away any strong feature wall colour
  4. Hang large artwork (prints). If you don’t have any, buy some at very reasonable prices or hang up black and white large (or coloured) prints in frames. This is not an expensive exercise. It will cost you much more if you don’t sell. Ikea, have reasonably priced prints and frames. Big makes for impact!
  5. Add a large bowl of fruit (only one colour, e.g. only lemons or only red apples) on the kitchen bench.
  6. If space permits, add just green leaves in a large vase on the dining table or kitchen bench. This can be cut from your garden  and doesn’t cost anything
  7. Put clean fresh sheets on the bed and one large coloured cushion (European size) with a matching throw.
  8. Depending on the market, have some books or magazines (fashion, car or recipe books) arranged neatly on the coffee table
  9. Place one or a group of three decorative items next to it or on the tv cabinet
  10. Cushions must be place neatly on chairs. If they look tired, buy some new ones
  11. A new floor rug in the lounge might be just the item to gel the cosy aesthetics together
  12. If you have open cabinets, declutter and group your decorations.

Selling is an emotional exercise. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you lack the time and can afford it, get a professional to dress up your home for sale to

If you want to discuss any of these issues and how they can be used to benefit you, contact Felicia Olsen from Felicia Lifestyle-Design


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About Felicia

felicia imageFelicia for Lifestyle Design is passionate about design. Previously from the fashion industry (Singapore), style and colour are second nature to her. She has designed and built her own dream home and hence understand the difficulties a client face. She is a trained Interior Designer with 10 years of experience and has over 20 years experience in the Fashion and Design industry.


Felicia is a previous finalist at the following Awards:

  • National Dulux Colour Awards
  • KBDI for medium kitchen Awards
  • KBDI for medium bathroom Awards
  • HIA home renovations

20eleven finalist best of houzz 2015



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