The top five streets underscore the strong demand for homes at the more affordable end of the market. Notably, four out of the top five streets have homes priced below Perth's median house price of $570,000.

Top-Selling Streets in the Perth Real Estate Landscape

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Top-Selling Streets in the Perth Real Estate Landscape

Our research has meticulously analyzed the data to unveil the top five streets with the highest number of house sales during the 2022-23 financial year. These streets stand out as vibrant hubs of real estate activity, attracting a considerable volume of property transactions.

These top five streets distinctly emphasize the strong demand for affordable homes, with the majority of them falling below Perth's median house price of $570,000.

Spread across diverse suburbs, these streets provide new homeowners with an array of advantages, such as convenient freeway access, proximity to local schools and beaches within a leisurely stroll, and even the luxury of having a golf course practically in your backyard for the avid golfer. These streets are truly a haven for those seeking a well-rounded, affordable living experience.

1. Barfield Road, Hammond Park

Approximately a half-hour's drive south of the CBD, Barfield Road has claimed the title as Perth's most vibrant street, boasting a remarkable 33 house sales during the 2022-23 financial year. In recent years, Hammond Park has seen substantial growth, with REIWA members indicating that Barfield Road has become the residence of choice for first-time homebuyers and young families. This is largely due to its affordability and its convenient proximity to the city, making it an ideal place to call home.

With older generations transitioning to different areas and downsizing, Barfield Road has undergone a transformation to accommodate the needs of the next generation of homeowners. The homes on this street provide practical opportunities for first-time buyers to enter the real estate market. Consequently, when properties become available here, eager buyers swiftly seize the chance to make a home in this evolving and accessible neighborhood.

2. Peelwood Parade, Halls Head

Situated in Perth's vibrant southern corridor, Peelwood Parade has firmly established itself as another standout, recording an impressive 31 property sales in the preceding financial year. The street's heightened activity aligns with the dynamics of the local real estate market, as noted by an REIWA member. Peelwood Parade's popularity among families is underscored by its enviable proximity to the beach and the nearby Mandurah area.

Peelwood Parade is a diverse residential hub, featuring an array of character homes alongside more contemporary designs. Its unique blend of housing options appeals to a wide spectrum of homebuyers, contributing to its status as a sought-after location for those seeking coastal living with a variety of home styles to choose from.

3. Northstead Street, Scarborough

As the priciest street on the list, Northstead Street in Scarborough retains its status as a highly sought-after address, with an average sale price of $993,660. Spanning the length of this bustling suburb, Northstead Street is just minutes away from the picturesque Scarborough Esplanade. The street showcases a variety of double-storey homes on subdivided blocks. During the 2022-23 financial year, a total of 25 property sales were recorded on this street.

Residents of Northstead Street relish the convenience of having numerous cafes and restaurants within walking distance. Moreover, they benefit from excellent connectivity, as the street intersects with Scarborough Beach Road, providing seamless access to the city. This combination of location and lifestyle makes Northstead Street a prime choice for those seeking a blend of luxury and convenience.

4. Pebble Beach Boulevard, Meadow Springs

Pebble Beach Boulevard, located less than one kilometer from the sandy shores of San Remo, emerges as a family-friendly haven adorned with charming three and four-bedroom homes. Over the course of the 2022-23 financial year, this street saw a total of 25 property sales, with an average price of $484,720. Notably, certain sections of the street offer picturesque views of the nearby golf course, adding to its appeal.

This community-centric street is conveniently situated near local schools and the bustling hub of Mandurah. Its blend of affordability, scenic views, and proximity to essential amenities makes it an enticing destination for families seeking a balanced lifestyle in a coastal setting.

5. Hillsborough Drive, Nollamara

In the north-eastern precinct of Perth, Hillsborough Drive in Nollamara claims its place among the top five, boasting an impressive 23 property sales. The street is distinguished by a mix of 1960's character houses and contemporary homes on subdivided blocks. Ideally positioned roughly 10 kilometers north of the CBD, it sits between the industrial hubs of Balcatta and Osborne Park.

Hillsborough Drive achieved an average house sale price of $448,934 during the previous financial year. Its blend of classic and modern housing styles, combined with its strategic location, makes it a popular choice for a diverse range of homebuyers.