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When is the best time to sell and beat your competition?

When is the best time to sell and beat your competition?

The reality is that your property will always be competing against other properties that are for sale in your area.

The best way to get ahead and make your property stand out is to go to market at the right time before the competing properties.

According to this recent interview on Sky News, (see video below), the real estate portal registers the most amount of views in January.

When buyers are looking at properties North Perth

Usually Perth properties are listed for sale in January, however, it is towards the middle and end of January. February is also a month where many new properties goes to market for sale.

My top 4 tips on how to beat the competition

  1. Start packing and de-cluttering now. You will have to do this anyway once your home has sold.
  2. Complete your home improvements by early December.
  3. Have photos, video, drone images etc completed before Christmas.
  4. Be ready to launch your property for sale by first and second week of January before the competition.

In the past couple of weeks, I have already signed up a number of properties that will be ready to go to market in early January to beat the competition.sellers pre sales checklist


Rasmus Nielsen is a Perth based real estate specialist. When not helping his clients buying and selling properties Rasmus is kept busy with his young family and occasionally can be found playing a game of golf (usually in the rough). For more info view his profile here


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